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Beale AFB Collage by everyone Beale AFB Collage :iconeveryone:everyone 1 0 Retinal Scan by everyone Retinal Scan :iconeveryone:everyone 2 2 Retina by everyone Retina :iconeveryone:everyone 2 4 Trendwhore by everyone Trendwhore :iconeveryone:everyone 1 5 Spherical Realms by everyone Spherical Realms :iconeveryone:everyone 4 3 Mark of the Beast by everyone Mark of the Beast :iconeveryone:everyone 0 4
Saras Sanity
Caught in sweet embrace
Her troubles, I erase
The world she hates
For me she waits
Not to bend
But to defend
Her from the pain
To keep her sane
She loves me for me
I am her sanity
:iconeveryone:everyone 2 4
The most powerful thing in the world is a choice.
Whether you believe that we were created by God,
or that we evolved from monkeys.
The one thing that sets us apart from everything else is our free will.
No other organism possess the ability to make choices.
Every choice you make, impacts something, weather you realize it or not.
An endless number of choices creating countless actions and reactions,
is made every second, by every person on earth.
Every choice has a consequence.
Consequences can be either positive, or negative.
You're choosing to breathe right now.
The consequence of that is life, which is a positive.
If you chose to stop breathing, you would most likely pass out, or even die.
This would be a negative consequence.
We often won't realize what the consequences of our choices are,
but shouldn't we think of the possibilities?
Something as simple as acknowledging a person's existence,
could mean life or death for that person.
The power of life and death, is in the tongue.
:iconeveryone:everyone 0 3
The most basic and common question ever asked is "Why?".
Why ask why?
Is this question ever really answered?
Will we ever know "Why"?
What if we are asking the wrong question?
Is it really "Why?" we should be asking?
Or should we be asking "When?"?
Do we all ready know the answer?
Is the answer right in front of us, screaming at us to be found?
"I am the master of the obvious", I once said, and have heard others say.
Be a master of the obvious.
The truth is out there.
The truth will set you free,
but it is easier to live a lie.
So we live inside our lies.
Afraid to persue the freedom we truely desire.
Closing our eyes...
Plugging out ears..
blocking out the sights and sounds,
of the truth that we desperately need to find.
"Don't look at it..."
"Don't listen to it..."
Is what we tell the others.
"It will hurt you!"
We cry.
The truth hurts, but it will only set you free.
Is it really the truth that hurts though?
Or is it losing the lies that were the only thing we ever knew?
We knew they
:iconeveryone:everyone 1 2
On the road of life:
Don't constantly look back, or you will run into something.
Only glance back from time to time,
in the same way you would glance in your rear view mirror while driving,
so that you will see what is coming at you from behind.
Don't look too far ahead, or you will trip over something.
Don't stare at the ground in front of you, or you will miss what is coming at you.
Stop and rest.
Think about where you've been, and where you are going.
Just don't spend too much time on it, or you will never get anywhere.
There is no future in your past.
:iconeveryone:everyone 0 2
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Josh M. Bryant
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I can't believe my account here still exists after 15 years.
Well I haven't had much time for making anything in quite a while now.   Got married this year, have a baby coming any time now.  Been very busy settling in to a new house, got a new car, all sorts of things going on.

I recently had the chance to do a little web and graphics design at work.  I'll be submitting some of the images soon.


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